Meet the Instructors

kam aujlaKam Aujla is the senior Dhol instructor at the RnF Dhol Club. A professional computer network engineer by trade, Aujla's main passion is teaching the art of Dhol. Throughout his six years as a senior Dhol instructor, Aujla has taught numerous students how to play Dhol.

Aujla says he loves teaching Dhol because he enjoys the addictive beat and rhythm of Punjabi music. He is also an avid Dhol player, participating in numerous group events at Bhangra competitions and local community events.

Although Aujla is dedicated to the art of Dhol, his passion is only outmatched by his love for his family. A proud family man, Aujla attributes his passion and success to his wife, who has supported his dream to teach Dhol for the past six years. He currently lives at home with his wife and three beautiful children.

Shaun MannShaun Mann, a native of Abbotsford, British Columbia, is the senior Dhol club member of the RnF Dhol Club. Mann, now 19, has played Dhol for nearly two and a half years. He credits his success due to his passion for music.

Mann started Dhol as a teenager because of it was unlike other instruments.

"The beat of the Dhol is unique, and catchy," says Mann.

His interest in Dhol and his love for music drove him to be one of the best Dhol players in the RnF Dhol Club. He currently holds one of the highest designations in the club.

Mann currently attends the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. Majoring in business administration, Mann hopes to become a chartered accountant. His love for Dhol and music is his biggest passion, however.


Famous Dhol Ustaads

Popular desi beats In Bhangra dance is no news to the music lovers worldwide. With mesmerizing and energizing sound of dhols around in a typical Punjabi gathering, you can’t resist to put your foot down and enjoy the desi music. more

History of the Dhol

Desi Dhol music has witnessed international fame. The dhol music has been used in several Hollywood and bollywood films. Though primarily the dhol music originated from Punjab, today you could find a custom made dhol almost everywhere. more


Before you can learn to play any beat, you need to learn the bols (how to hit the Dhol)more


the RnF Dhol Club dedicates itself to the art of playing the Dhol, an ancient Indian drum popularly used in dances and celebrations all throughout India.